April 21, 2017


There Is Nothing Left of Trump's Supposed Economic Populism (David Atkins, April 22, 2017, Washington Monthly)

Entire oceans of ink have been spilled over the question of how much of Trump's support came from prejudice versus economic anxiety (hint: it's both and they're interconnected.) But no matter the answer, what's clear by now is that Trump's economic populist agenda on behalf of the white working class no longer exists if it ever did. His betrayals of Main Street on behalf of Wall Street have been gradual and numerous, but two executive orders yesterday seal the deal:

President Trump signed a set of executive actions Friday ordering a review of significant 2016 tax regulations along with two separate reviews aimed at rolling back Dodd-Frank financial regulations. [...]

Trump has trussed up giveaways to Wall Street in worker-friendly language, but the intent is clear: to give the finance industry free rein to predate at will-though as Matt Yglesias notes, even the executive orders themselves are empty legislative husks designed to give Trump the illusion of accomplishments before the 100-day mark. Still, even an empty gift to Wall Street remains a gift.

There is now nothing left of Trump's promises to workers. Better healthcare and lower premiums than the Affordable Care Act? Nope. Pressure against Chinese currency manipulation and offshoring of jobs? Not anymore. Keeping advisers who listen to Trump's base instead of Goldman Sachs? Suckers.

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