January 18, 2017

WITH THE BARK ON (profanity alert):

The Tale of Tom Brady and Johnny Foxborough (Jenny Vrentas, Jan. 18th, 2017, MMQB)

Imagine being a new player in the Patriots' organization and going to your first meeting. Much to your surprise, the head coach has scoured the film and found the worst pass that his four-time Super Bowl champion threw last season--and he's showing it to the team, letting it be known to all that he needs better play from the quarterback position. The coach suggests he could find a replacement down the road at Foxborough High, but Brady doesn't blink.

If you think that's the norm in the NFL, it's not, except for within the walls of Gillette Stadium. Tight end Martellus Bennett, a veteran of three other NFL clubs, chuckles and shakes his head side to side when asked if he's ever seen a dynamic like this one.

"Nooo," adds former Patriots defensive coordinator Eric Mangini, who has coached in five NFL organizations, including two as the head coach. "There is almost this stigma to being coached." The head coach of another AFC club tried a similar tactic with his team this season, showing the entire team clips of mistakes by a handful of his best players. One recently paid veteran responded by standing up in front of the room and screaming at the coach.

In Foxborough, the measure of a great quarterback is not Brady's 12 Pro Bowls, four Super Bowl rings, two league MVP awards or owning, at age 39 this season, the best TD: INT ratio in NFL history (28:2). Rather, it is a catalog of moments when the best player on his team--perhaps the best player ever at his position--approaches his job as if he's the worst.

The precipitous decline in the quality of football and basketball is directly tied to the lack of coaching.

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