January 31, 2017


LeGarrette Blount: From One Stoplight to the Super Bowl Spotlight : The bruising Patriots running back's NFL journey took a two-year detour through tiny Scooba, Miss., about as far from big game--psychologically, at least--as you can get (Jennry Vrentas, 1/30/17, TheMMQB)

For two years, LeGarrette Blount's life was mostly contained within a distance not much longer than a few football fields.

The campus of East Mississippi Community College can be lapped in about five minutes by a good miler, and when Blount was a student here he slept in a dorm so close to the football stadium that it's barely out of range of a wide-right field goal. His home was Sullivan Hall, a two-story brown brick building with olive green doors that looks like a roadside motel. Blount made a name for himself right across the street at the old Sullivan-Windham Field, a plot of grass flanked by a chainlink fence and seven rows of bleachers.

EMCC's football games were, and still are, played on Thursday nights. With no classes on Fridays, students flock out of this tiny town (population less than 1,000) for the weekends. Plus, in this part of the country, Friday nights are for high school lights, and Saturdays are reserved for the SEC. In the fall of 2006 and 2007, the grand stage of Super Bowl Sunday couldn't have felt farther away for Blount than it did in this tiny town near the Alabama border marked by a single flashing red light.

This is just the second four-way stop on U.S. 45 in the 55 miles from Starksville, Miss., so says one campus employee. Scooba's "downtown" consists of a pair of gas stations at the intersection, catty-corner from a sign that announces: "Birthplace of World Champion Turkey Caller Jack Lewis Dudley." The big news in town right now is the pending opening of a Dollar General store right behind Scooba's main restaurant, the Subway at the Chevron station.
Scooba's other claim to fame.

"If you are going to Scooba, Miss.," says Roger Carr, who was Blount's head coach at East Mississippi, "you are going there just to find it."

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