August 7, 2016


Kevin Whately Says Goodbye To 'Inspector Lewis' (Jane Levere, 8/07/16, Forbes)

In a recent telephone interview, Whately said he became involved with Inspector Morse after colleagues urged him to portray Inspector Lewis, a younger man on television than he was in the Colin Dexter novels on which the series was based.  John Thaw portrayed Inspector Morse.

He said that in the early part of this century, he was again asked to portray Lewis in a spin-off series, opposite CS James, the character portrayed by Laurence Fox .

"They asked me for two or three years whether I'd consider spinning Lewis off.  I didn't want to do it, I didn't think it was a good idea.  I didn't think the character was strong enough.  An executive on Morse took me out to lunch, said if you do one and it's a failure, we will leave you alone.  I did one as a pilot and it took off immediately.  We were back on the moving train."

Whately said Inspector Morse ran for 33 episodes and that Inspector Lewis will run for the same number of episodes.  "Morse was so important to me, I didn't want to go beyond that number," he said.

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