August 25, 2016


In Praise of the Private Email Server : If you aren't secretary of state, it's actually a really smart idea. (Nat Meysenburg, 8/25/16, Slate)

For years, I've been trying to convince people that there is value in having an email server in your closet. But few seemed to really get it, so I often found myself wishing for a high-profile example to illustrate why it is a good idea. That wish has, in a way, come true: The casual news consumer has had the pleasure of hearing about a "private email server" quite a lot over the past year.

Let's begin with a disclaimer. It was a bad idea for Hillary Clinton, as secretary of state, to use a private email server for official State Department business--full stop. When you hold that, or any other, government position, you should assume that all of your emails will be part of the public record. This is a good thing. If you are a member of the Cabinet, the world will eventually have its chance to pick through your inbox, be it by Freedom of Information requests, congressional inquiry, leaking, hacking, or simply declassification after 50 years. This is a good thing. Best to just leave all business on the company mail server, and talk about your daughter's wedding elsewhere.

Having stipulated that, let's do something unheard of in an election year while talking about a nominee and leave the politics aside for minute. Let's not talk about Hillary Clinton the politician. Let's instead talk about Hillary Clinton as the example of a citizen exercising legal rights afforded to her by the Constitution, and how those rights were secured through self-hosting. More importantly, let's use the Clinton email saga as an example of how you, an average private citizen, could secure those very same rights through the simple act of putting a server in your home.

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