June 11, 2016

THINK OF THE CHILDREN (self-reference alert):

Ryan grilled at Romney summit, where a CEO compares Trump to Hitler (Philip Rucker and Dan Balz June 10, 2016, Washington Post)

Campbell Brown, a former CNN anchor and founder of the education news site the74.org, moderated the session with Ryan and grilled him about his decision. She told him that her young son, who knows and admires Ryan, came into the bedroom the morning after he had announced his support for Trump dismayed by the news.

How would you explain this to a child? Brown asked Ryan. The speaker appeared uncomfortable. [...]

One of the toughest questions for Ryan came from Meg Whitman, the chief executive of Hewlett-Packard and a longtime friend of Romney's who helped bankroll a Republican anti-Trump super PAC this spring. Whitman asked Ryan how he could endorse someone with, in her judgment, such poor character and whose campaign has been based on personal attacks and division. According to two people present, Whitman said Trump is the latest in a long line of historic demagogues, explicitly comparing him to Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini.

This is the first election our kids have really followed--the older two are 17 and 19--and they're distraught that they have to root for Hillary.

4-in-10 GOP insiders want to derail Trump at the convention (STEVEN SHEPARD 06/10/16, Politico)

[W]ith just six weeks to go until the GOP convention, more than a third want to see the party throw out those rules, unbind the delegates and allow them to choose a different candidate. For many of them, it isn't as much about winning this year's election: Trump as the nominee, they believe, represents an existential threat to the party.

"Trump's continued descent into madness is dragging the GOP down with him," said a Florida Republican, who like all respondents, completed the survey anonymously. "A convention switchup would be great politics and save the GOP."

"If the GOP wants to survive, it must find some way to open the rules for abstention, or some other unbinding process so that delegates can save the party from the historic defeat it faces under the banner of Donald Trump," an Iowa Republican added. "One average teleprompter speech, given this past Tuesday, isn't going to suddenly change Donald Trump into an aspirational, magnanimous leader. He is what he is: a bully through and through, one that takes the low road at every opportunity. Someone who doesn't understand or care about policy. And lest we forget, a racist."

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