June 5, 2016


#NeverTrump Republicans have a new choice: Johnson-Weld could be most politically experienced third-party ticket ever. (David Boaz, 6/03/16, USA Today)

You'd think the #NeverTrump Republicans would shout "Hallelujah!" Yet they've been strangely quiet. Here are two former Republican governors, both re-elected in a Democratic state and a swing state, both with a record of accomplishment. And most specifically for the #NeverTrump crowd, both men of good character who are fit for public office and have thought seriously about public policy.

True, they're not conservatives. They're libertarians. Or at least libertarian-ish, as some more radical members of the Libertarian party grumbled. They both supported gay marriage even before many Democrats. Johnson wants to legalize marijuana -- Weld supports legalization for medical use -- both want to rethink the failed drug war.They're pro-choice. And perhaps most galling to some conservatives and neoconservatives, Johnson wants a new foreign policy that rejects endless war and futile attempts at "nation-building."

Still, compared with the erratic and dangerous Trump and the self-proclaimed "government junkie" Clinton, the Johnson-Weld ticket seems like a no-brainer for principled conservatives and Republicans. They believe in limited constitutional government. They want to cut taxes, spending and regulation and eliminate unnecessary agencies. They support free trade and liberal immigration policies. They would be less likely to expand and abuse executive power than either Clinton or Trump. And if they can raise money, get serious media attention and make an impact in the polls, they can ensure that there's still a political space for Americans who believe in less government and more freedom.

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