June 24, 2016


 How this Colorado history teacher and 400 of her fellow delegates are planning to block Trump in Cleveland (Andrew Romano, June 24, 2016, Yahoo : Unconventional)

One week ago, the Washington Post reported that dozens of Republican convention delegates had hatched "a new plan" to block a stumbling Donald Trump in Cleveland by adding a "conscience clause" to the convention's rules.

As regular Unconventional readers know, there is a convincing case to be made -- and in his new e-book Unbound, Rules Committee member Curly Haugland of North Dakota makes it -- that Republican convention delegates are already technically free to nominate whomever they want in Cleveland, despite the impression that they are bound by the results of the primary votes in each state.

A conscience clause would make this freedom explicit by saying that every delegate is allowed to vote his or her conscience on the first ballot -- even if state laws or party rules say otherwise.

At first, this new "Dump Trump" faction was fairly small. Roughly 30 delegates from 15 states participated in a conference call last Thursday night. Since then, however, the unlikely campaign appears to have picked up steam. A second conference call on Sunday night attracted a claimed 1,000 participants, and this week, both the RNC and Trump have begun to fight back with delegate strategies of their own.

The group that started all this commotion calls itself Free the Delegates. Its founder -- and self-proclaimed "loudmouth" in chief -- is Kendal Unruh. She is a history teacher, a born-again Christian, a Rules Committee member, and a former Ted Cruz supporter from Colorado. On Thursday, she hopped on the phone with Unconventional to discuss how Free the Delegates came together, why she is "anybody but Trump" -- and what exactly she's planning to do in Cleveland.

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