June 19, 2016


Donald Trump Threatens to Self-Fund Campaign if GOP Support Wavers (ALEXANDRA JAFFE and HALLIE JACKSON, 6/19/16, NBC News)

Donald Trump on Saturday claimed most of the money he's been collecting at his recent fundraisers is going to the Republican Party, but also threatened to cut the GOP off if support from the party wavers.

Trump's poll ratings in a historic hole  : With most voters viewing him as 'strongly unfavorable,' his image is harder to repair than Hillary's. (STEVEN SHEPARD 06/17/16, Politico)

Trump is setting modern records for political toxicity -- at least for a major-party candidate this far out from an election. Seventy percent of Americans surveyed in an ABC News/Washington Post poll out this week had an unfavorable opinion of Trump, up 10 points over the past month. The poll showed Trump's favorable rating cratering at 29 percent, down from 37 percent last month.

The numbers were similar in a Bloomberg Politics poll: Trump's favorable rating is just 31 percent, with 66 percent viewing him unfavorably. That's only marginally better than in March, when 29 percent viewed Trump favorably, and 68 percent had an unfavorable opinion.

Gallup's latest figures show Trump at 31 percent favorable/63 percent unfavorable - significantly worse than Clinton's 41 percent favorable/54 percent unfavorable.

Those high unfavorables extend to the battleground states: A Marquette Law School poll out Wednesday found 64 percent of Wisconsin voters view Trump unfavorably -- compared to only 26 percent who have a favorable opinion of him.

But it's not just the overall unfavorable numbers -- it's the intensity of the antipathy toward Trump, and the lack of enthusiasm for him. In the ABC News/Washington Post poll, 56 percent of respondents had a "strongly unfavorable" opinion of Trump, compared to just 15 percent who had a "strongly favorable" opinion. In the Bloomberg poll, 51 percent had a "very unfavorable" opinion of Trump, with only 11 percent having a "very favorable" opinion.

Voters with a strongly unfavorable opinion are "obviously more difficult to move than people who are undecided or just unfavorable," said Quinnipiac University pollster Peter Brown. "The stronger the dislike, the more difficult it is to change that person's view."

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