June 15, 2016


Is Trump Losing the GOP? (JEFF GREENFIELD June 14, 2016, Politico)

[I]n a speech riddled with misleading and flatly false statements, Donald Trump ranted incoherently Monday about the need to toughen his Muslim immigration ban, even though the Orlando shooter was born in New York City 29 years ago (at a time when Afghan emigres like his parents were fighting on America's side against the Soviet Union). In a TV interview, Trump suggested that the president of the United States was in some undefined way sympathetic to the murderous intentions of Islamic terrorists. And in the hours immediately after the massacre, he tweeted a self-congratulatory message about his prescience.

All of it served to punctuate miserably the many doubts that had unfolded the previous weekend in a spectacle never before seen in our nation's politics. The Republican Party's last nominee for president, Mitt Romney, hosted a gathering of hundreds of Republican conservatives in Park City, Utah, devoted to assailing his successor, Donald Trump. Romney's former running mate, Paul Ryan, the once-revered speaker of the House, was grilled for supporting the candidate whose recent remarks the speaker himself called "a textbook case of racism." In another speech, a recent GOP nominee for governor of California--Meg Whitman--explicitly compared the nominee to Hitler and Mussolini.

What was so remarkable about these and other acerbic remarks made at Romney's gathering of GOP donors and business people was that they came from inside the party Trump will soon lead into battle. And they stem from doubts not about Trump's policies, but about his fundamental fitness for the office. Dan Senor, former Romney adviser and Bush White House national security aide, even said that Trump's comments about Obama suggest "there should be serious concern" about sharing classified information with Trump--information presidential nominees regularly receive.

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