June 16, 2016


Russ Feingold Leads in Wisconsin -- and he May Have Donald Trump to Thank (Nathan Guttman, June 16, 2016, Forward)

Can Donald Trump help a Jewish candidate in a tight U.S. Senate race?

Russ Feingold, a three-term senator who lost his Wisconsin seat in 2010, has found Trump's controversial statements a useful tool in his effort to win back his seat.

Directing his criticism at incumbent senator Ron Johnson, Feingold took issue at his rival's support for Trump despite the presumptive nominee's racially-charged rhetoric. "Sen. Johnson said that if Trump said or did anything that 'crossed a line,' he'd have to withdraw his support for the Republican nominee," Feingold's spokesman Michael Tyler said earlier this month, following Trump's accusations against a judge of Mexican heritage who had ruled against him in the Trump University lawsuit. "It's clear from his response that racist comments from Trump don't rise to that level for Sen. Johnson."

And at least so far, this line of campaigning seems to be working for Feingold. A new Marquette poll published Wednesday shows the Jewish former senator from Middletown holds a steady, albeit small, lead over Johnson, an Oshkosh businessman. Among registered voters Feingold leads by 5% but his advantage increases to 9% when the poll zoomed in on voters likely to actually participate in the elections.

Trump is such an awful candidate that he is defying historic numbers and making the GOP do worse among likely than registered voters, which had always been our strength.  Basically, if you care enough to vote you care enough to vote against him.

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