January 8, 2016


The Origins of Government (Daniel Strand | January 7, 2016, Providence)

Historically, Christians have talked about the fall of Adam in conjunction with the origins of government. The divide between Protestants and Catholics on this issue is more pronounced as Catholics, under the influence of Aristotle and Thomas Aquinas, emphasize the goodness of hierarchy and government before the fall whereas Protestants, more influenced by Augustine and Luther, tend to view government as a remedial institution to deal with sin after the fall, believing that in the beginning God never intended for one man to rule another.

The role of government is different from that of salvation. God has provided for the salvation of humankind, for the straightening of the "crooked timber" in Jesus Christ, but not all individuals will be saved by this grace in this life and shall continue to walk in rebellion. People--including Christians!--will commit crime, steal, murder, rape, abuse, and destroy, as well as cheat on their taxes. Until the return of Jesus to reign in the kingdom of peace and to judge the nations, government does the work of upholding the righteousness of God in the civil community.

The Anglospheric difference has been rooted in not expecting overmuch from merely human institutions.

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