November 4, 2015


Why Keystone XL Is Dead : Once seeking a fast approval, TransCanada wants to pause the pipeline's review  (David Biello | November 4, 2015, Scientific American)

The builder of the 830,000 barrel-per-day Keystone XL pipeline--enough alone to increase oil sands production by more than 40 percent--wants a time out. TransCanada has asked the U.S. State Department to pause its review (pdf) of the pipeline that crosses an international border for roughly a year while the state of Nebraska deliberates about changes in the proposed route, also, perhaps, amid concerns that the Obama administration might reject the pipeline outright.

In fact, with hindsight, if TransCanada had simply followed this new route from the beginning in September of 2008, the $8 billion, nearly 2,000 kilometer-long pipeline would likely be up and running today. The new route follows existing easements rather than cutting a new swath through private properties and seizing land. Instead of a quiet approval, there have been seven years of delay, legal wrangling and, most importantly, activism.

...would have opposed the new route, instead of insisting it be rubber-stamped.
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