October 1, 2015


Bernie Sanders Is Cold As Ice : He's chilly with staff, frosty with fans, and regularly ices out reporters. So how is the socialist firebrand from Vermont suddenly torching Hillary Clinton in the race for president? (Harry Jaffe, October 2015, Boston Magazine)

As usual, Sanders was short with the media after his speech. In response to questions from a CNN correspondent, Sanders said, "We want to bring people together. Nothing fancy. Seeya." Then he ducked into the Ford Fusion and drove off.

Sanders, it turns out, has little patience for reporters--or, for that matter, anyone who disagrees with him. Among his faults, this could be the one that most weakens his presidential bid. Former aides have called him strident and never satisfied, to the point of being abusive, especially during his first years in Congress. "Bernie is a very demanding guy," Fiermonte tells me. "He has very high expectations, and he expects people to meet them. But he's a good boss. I wouldn't be with him otherwise." Or, as more than one Vermont politician told me, "Bernie's an a[**]hole, but he's our a[**]hole."

That belief, shared by his supporters and by a Democratic electorate that's loath to give Clinton a cakewalk to the nomination, has served Sanders well up to this point. But how will he react when the press inevitably pounces, as it did when fellow Vermonter Howard Dean ran for president in 2004? The permanent scowl lines etched onto his brow may show him to be the same humorless curmudgeon that he reveals to colleagues, reporters, and allies. "Bernie has no social skills, no sense of humor, and he's quick to boil over," says Chris Graff, who covered Sanders for 25 years as Vermont bureau chief for the Associated Press. 

Being one makes Ted Cruz unnominatable but Bernie the sexy pick.  Of course, to be liberal is to lack a sense of humor...

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