June 20, 2015


Conservatives should be on board the Jeb Bush express (A.J. DELGADO, 6/18/15, Miami Herald)

Following Jeb's announcement on Monday, something funny began to happen. Conservatives squirmed in their seats, thinking: "Hang on, we kind of like him." Social media posts along those lines, from previous Jeb-naysayers, were rampant. What we watched was a solid defense of conservative views, delivered by a towering, Lincoln-esque figure who seemed every bit a statesman. Here was an accomplished, seasoned candidate, with the record one expects from a potential presidential nominee -- which we'd previously written off because he comes from, literally, a presidential family.

Floridians may have forgotten just how much Jeb accomplished as governor: created over 1 million new jobs (the most of any state); cut taxes each and every year, totaling as much as $19 billion (the biggest tax cuts in Florida history); vetoed $2 billion in wasteful spending; repealed the unfair tax on investments; created the state's first school voucher program; ended affirmative action in state university admissions; signed into law "Stand Your Ground"; eliminated regulations that stifled development; implemented faith-based prison reforms; and reduced the state government workforce by 13,000 via creative solutions such as privatizing certain government tasks.

Under Jeb, Florida boasted a 4.4 percent growth rate, a whopping eight balanced budgets, and soared to a AAA bond-rating. He left office with an unemployment rate of 3.4 percent, when the national average was 4.4 percent.

Any way one slices it, that's one heck of a résumé -- how can we still argue the surname is at all relevant?

The eventual nominee will be as much like Jeb as possible, which gives Jeb an obvious advantage.

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