June 1, 2015


Christie's flip on Common Core, and the growing character issue (Tom Moran, 6/01/15, Star-Ledger Editorial Board)

[I]t's time to discuss the character issue. Jeb Bush, the former Florida governor, is taking heat for his support of Common Core, but he's sticking with it. So is Ohio Gov. John Kasich.

They seem to have something Christie and the other Lilliputians in this race lack: Core convictions.

And as usual, Christie larded up his speech on Thursday with falsehoods.

He said Common Core was a federal program that President Obama is forcing on the states. In truth, these standards were developed by the states themselves, and are optional under federal law.

He suggested that New Jersey didn't take part in writing the standards. In fact, our educators were at the table.

He faulted Common Core for failing to close the achievement gap. In fact, a core purpose of these standards is to finally ensure that all American kids aim at the same target, and that progress can be measured. Christie offered nothing on his own to address the gap.

It's measuring failure that has unions, backwards states and suburban moms howling.  And that's enough folks that some pols will be willing to pander.
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