March 10, 2015


Who Is the Greatest Fictional Basketball Player of All Time? : The greatest players and greatest moments in basketball movie history (JASON CONCEPCION AND SHEA SERRANO ON MARCH 10, 2015, Grantland)

To organize our research, we needed rules. They are as follows:

Rule 1: You can't pick more than two players from any one movie. This is the Blue Chips Rule. Blue Chips was loaded with actual players. In a movie-vs.-movie basketball tournament, Blue Chips waxes everybody.

Rule 2: If someone has played a basketball player in more than one movie, you can pick only one of his or her roles. For example, Marlon Wayans was in The Sixth Man and Above the Rim, and he played basketball in both. You could pick him for only one of those performances -- though we can't imagine anyone would ever, ever, ever pick Marlon Wayans twice for anything.

Rule 3: You can't pick anyone who was portraying a real-life basketball player. That's no fun. The legend's already been written. This is the Earl Manigault Rule.

Rule 4: There is no restriction on the type of movie referenced. It doesn't have to be described as "a basketball movie"; it only needs to contain some basketball scenes. Remember when Rufio played halfpipe basketball in Hook? Remember when Jim Carrey broke the backboard in The Cable Guy? Remember when John Tucker did that flip dunk in John Tucker Must Die? It's all up for grabs. This is the Fletch Rule.

Rule 5: This is not a Who Was the Best Basketball Player thing, this is a Who Was the Best Fictional Basketball Player thing. That means acting has to be considered.

Hustler, from Fast Break.

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