February 22, 2015


Hepcat With a Badge : Amazon's new LA noir detective drama 'Bosch' gets better and better as it builds (NANCY DEWOLF SMITH, Feb. 12, 2015, WSJ)

Detective Harry Bosch is a loner who speaks in a monotone. To call him a man of few words would be an understatement. Like Titus Welliver, who plays him in the new Amazon series based on Michael Connelly 's books, Bosch seems like a timeless character--and although the show is set in Los Angeles, it could be taking place in the rundown edges and alleys of any big city over the last few decades. The mood is indigo.

Alone at night with a cigarette and beer, looking out at the twinkling lights of LA from an expensive glass box in the sky that he bought with a windfall paycheck, Bosch is a hepcat who listens to cool, cool jazz, like Coltrane so spare it's almost comatose--in a good way. (Try not to look at the Nantucket bracelet.) He's a veteran of the Gulf War and then post-9/11 Afghanistan. The son of a murdered prostitute, he was abused in foster care, and has only a 14-year-old daughter in Las Vegas to call family, although she calls him Harry.

We know the type. So how does "Bosch" get a lock on your attention so fast and hard that it's still playing in your head days after the screen was turned off?

One of the great strengths of the books is the way Harry plays the bureaucracy and the press.  But the thing that makes him a cultural icon is his creed--everyone matters or nobody does--a reflection of oue core republicanism.    

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