May 24, 2014


Six Reasons Why Putin Seems To Have Lost In Eastern Ukraine (Paul Roderick Gregory, 5/24/14, Forbes)

There is a growing consensus that Vladimir Putin has abandoned his campaign to take control of east Ukraine. The fog of war, such as the killing of nearly 20 Ukrainian soldiers yesterday, is obscuring the distinct turn in the tide. Putin's goal has changed from dismantling Ukraine as a united state to destabilizing Sunday's presidential election in the east. Ukraine has a chance for a third lease on life. It cannot afford to blow this chance by returning to its old ways of governing. Ukraine's third lease on life will likely be its last if wasted.

The noted Russian civil rights activist and political analyst, Lilia Shevtsova, wrote on her Facebook page that Vladimir Putin has "buried the New Russia project in a copper urn."  Businessweek headlines that Ukraine's government has gained the advantage over the separatists. The New York Times cites the metalworkers' retaking of Mariupol from the separatists as the turning point in the battle. An unauthenticated document that is burning up the internet shows the military commander of separatist forces ordering up a plan for escape to the Russian border. To add icing to the cake, Ukraine's richest man has just announced peace marches and demonstrations of honking automobiles throughout the Donbass against the so-called People's Republic of Donetsk, whose leaders, he sarcastically notes, no one in the region knows or has heard of.

Quite a change from two weeks back.

Which is why conservatives are never in a rush.

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