December 15, 2013


Whose blood is cleaner? (Malynnda Littky, 12/15/13, Times of Israel)

No medical literature was available showing that the international community believes blood donations from former Ethiopian nationals to be at significantly higher risk of infecting a blood supply that is already being tested.

Worse, I found credible literature that shows that the risk has already been studied and quantified, and which points to a possible cost, in terms of lives that could be saved, when potential donors are turned away. As far back as 1998, Yale Professor, Dr. Edward Kaplan, published an article in the British medical journal The Lancet, noting that destroying all donations from Ethiopian blood saves perhaps one life every ten years. In 1996, there were public demonstrations in reaction to the revelation that Magen David Adom was destroying blood donated by Israelis who were born, or who had lived for a significant period, in Ethiopia. A commission, headed by former Israeli President Yitzhak Navon, reviewed the procedures that were then in place. That commission recommended that the MDA stop dumping blood based on ethnic criteria and proposed instead strict guidelines for careful, pint-by-pint screening of blood donations from Ethiopian Jews and other high-risk groups.

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