December 10, 2013


Details Of The Ryan-Murphy Budget Deal Reveal GOP Holds The Winning Hand (Rick Ungar, 12/10/13, Forbes)

House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wisc) and Senate Budget Chairwoman Patty Murray (D-Oregon) have reached a two-year budget agreement guaranteed to make most Republicans and Democrats unhappy--with Democrats taking the bigger hit.

In the "good news" column, Democrats will not suffer any cuts to entitlements and there will be no tax increases to spoil Christmas for Republicans.

On the bad news side of the lever for the GOP, spending in 2014 will be about $45 billion more than what it would have been had this deal not been negotiated with the GOP also failing to accomplish any of the changes to Social Security and Medicare they so deeply desired.

The Democrats take a licking in a number of areas, including the denial of an extension to long-term unemployment benefits, no new taxes, no provision to delay the SGR cuts to physician Medicare payment rates, the requirement that federal employees will have to make a larger contribution to their pensions and the continuation of a large percentage of sequestration cuts.

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