December 12, 2013


Global Study Finds Majority Believe Traditional Hospitals Will Be Obsolete In The Near Future (Nicole Fisher 12/09/13, Forbes)

A global study was released this morning by the Intel Corporation indicating that around the world people's health care wants and needs are principally focused on technology and personalization. The "Intel Health Innovation Barometer" found a consistent theme: customized care. At the intersection of health, care and technology, communities around the world consistently said they wanted to see their biological makeup and individual behaviors used to make receiving care more effective and efficient. This unsurprisingly was described by people through means such as telehealth, mobile health and the sharing of health information in real time. However, surprising methods of care were also common themes throughout the world such as ingestible monitoring systems and care that involves no utilization of hospitals. [...]

Surprising Findings:

-       Traditional hospitals, according to 57% of people, will be obsolete in the future

-       Majority of people (84%) would be willing to share their personal health information to advance and lower costs in the health care system

-       More than 70% of people are receptive to using toilet sensors, prescription bottle sensors and swallowed health monitors

-       72% of those surveyed would be willing to see a doctor via video conference for non-urgent appointments

-       66% of people say they would prefer a care regimen that is designed specifically for them based on their genetic profile or biology

-       More than half of people (53%) would trust a test they personally administered as much or more than if that same test was performed by a doctor

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