June 17, 2013


On Europe trip, Obama will face a continent frustrated by his actions and inaction (Scott Wilson, June 16, 2013, Washington Post)

As he arrives Monday in Northern Ireland for his first trip to Europe in two years, Obama will be confronting the diplomatic fallout from his actions and inaction on some of the most urgent concerns of his European counterparts.

His long delay in more aggressively supporting Syria's beleaguered opposition forces -- a move his administration announced in the form of expanded military aid on the eve of his visit here -- has frustrated the leaders of France and Germany. The recent disclosure of the National Security Agency's telephone and Internet surveillance has angered many European politicians, particularly German Chancellor Angela Merkel, whom he will see on both stops of his three-day visit.

And the expansion throughout his term of drone warfare has disillusioned a once-adoring European public -- and, to a lesser degree, its more pragmatic political leaders. Reflecting that disappointment, the French newspaper Le Monde headlined a story this month about the NSA's surveillance programs: "George W. Obama and National Security."

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