June 10, 2013


Apocalypse Not Now: Just About Everything Is Getting Better (Michael Grunwald, June 09, 2013, TIME)

What about the fears that inspired the sequester and the rest of the austerity push, the fears that spiraling deficits would turn us into Greece? Well, the Congressional Budget Office now estimates the deficit at $642 billion, the lowest since the crisis; it's been cut in half since Obama took office, the fastest reduction since World War 2. We're not Greece. The bond markets certainly don't think so; interest rates are at historic lows. And the runaway inflation that Paul Ryan and other loose-money critics keep predicting has yet to materialize; inflation is actually below the official Federal Reserve target of just 2 percent.

In fairness, while America's short-term deficit is shrinking fast, our long-term deficit is still a concern, because soaring health care costs have threatened the future of Medicare and Medicaid. But there's good news there, too. According to the nonpartisan Kaiser Foundation, health care spending is now growing at the slowest rate in five decades, which is why Medicare's trustees just upgraded the program's budget outlook. And there is strong evidence that Obamacare's efforts to reorient the medical system to reward providers who keep their patients healthy instead of providers who perform more services are working. For example, Obamacare imposes financial penalties on hospitals with high rates of readmissions and central-line infections; predictably, hospitals have improved their performance in both areas. The health information technology revolution--launched by Obama's 2009 stimulus--is also bending the cost curve, dragging a pen-and-paper system into digital age.

Meanwhile, U.S. combat forces are out of Iraq, and they'll be out of Afghanistan next year. U.S. carbon emissions are at their lowest level in two decades, and so are U.S. oil imports. By historical standards, taxes are very low and spending is very modest. General Motors and Chrysler, wards of the state four years ago, are posting their best sales numbers in years. Gays are serving openly in the military, solar installations have increased over 1,000% in four years, a cool robot is taking cool pictures of Mars, and Tesla just paid back its government loan with interest. Things are getting better, and better is better than worse.

Consider that our biggest "problem" today is that we create ever more wealth with ever less labor.  

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