February 5, 2013


The Right Way to Cut Pentagon Spending : The U.S. has an abysmal record of postwar drawdowns that undermine military readiness and modernization (MICHÈLE A. FLOURNOY, 2/05/12, WSJ)

Whether or not Congress avoids sequestration by March 1, defense spending will likely be cut by at least 10% over the next decade. As 20% of the federal budget and 50% of discretionary spending, it will be part of any longer-term budget deal.

Unfortunately, the United States has an abysmal record of managing postwar drawdowns of defense spending. Almost all have resulted in a "hollow force"--too much force structure with too little investment in people, readiness and modernization.

...that the US waltzed to victory in the wars that it began from scratch and struggled only in the conflicts where it had maintained a massive standing military.  In no small part, the determining factor was whether or not we'd remained locked in to antiquated strategy, armaments and tactics or not.

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