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CowPots™ are simply the very best seed starting pots for your plants! You've probably seen them on television, having been featured on the Discovery Channel's popular series "Dirty Jobs", on CNN, and a variety of national and local television shows.

Created by two ingenious dairy farmers, CowPots are a revolutionary seed starting pot made with 100% renewable composted cow manure. CowPots are manure-fiber based seed starter pots, which allow for unrestricted root growth creating stronger, healthier plants. These earth-friendly "pots you plant" are an exciting high-performing alternative to plastic and peat pots.

The CowPots manufacturing process removes all weeds, pathogens and odor. All that's left is the natural fiber and goodness of manure: the perfectly plantable seed starting pot!

CowPots are available in the sizes and quantities you need. Commercial growers can purchase wholesale amounts and retailers sell twelve packs of 3" or 4" CowPots or six cell flats with three flats per package in 3" CowPots. They are also available in loose bulk 5" square and round pots.

Come explore our website and find out why CowPots are the perfect solution for all of your seed starting needs!

The good folks at CowPots sent us a case of them last spring and we used them extensively for our raised bed garden.  We started the plantings in the basement in the pots and then transferred them--pot and all--to the garden.  Just that convenience would make them worthwhile, but the plants really thrived all Summer in addition.  

The final test for me is an acorn I'm trying to coax into an oak.  I had it in a smaller pot to get it started, then transferred it to a bigger one and put it out in the yard in the Fall.  The little guy's struggling right now, but one suspects that has more to do with a NH winter than anything else.  But we do transplant a lot of trees and the bigger pots are convenient and seem to give them a head start in our not overly growth-friendly soil.  

Well worth the money and available at Amazon.

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