December 10, 2011


Tebow's Religion, and Ours: His authenticity irks our secular, selfish culture. (Daniel Foster, 12/03/11, National Review)

When the Detroit Lions' Stephen Tulloch sacked Tim Tebow in the first quarter of their week eight matchup, the linebacker immediately kneeled next to the prone Denver quarterback, in a mockery of Tebow's habit of praying on-field, most recently seen after his miraculous fourth-quarter comeback against the Dolphins the week before.

The insult coincided with and reinforced the explosion of "Tebowing" as an Internet meme, complete with a Twitter account and web-site. There you can see an act of communion with one's creator rendered as a bit of pop-cultural ephemera, and you can scroll through pictures of folks striking the pose everywhere from Oxford to Istanbul, with that muddle of irony and enthusiasm that has become my generation's trademark.

But there isn't an ironic bone in Tim Tebow's body. That's what makes him conspicuous. That's what makes the fact that he's managed to stay squeaky clean, in a sport that notoriously is not, conspicuous. And it's why the power of Tebow's evangelical-Christian faith, and the earnestness with which he professes it, seems to annoy so many people. was in no small part W's sincerity about his faith that made people hate him, nevermind his willingness to act on it.

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