August 11, 2011

60-40 NATION:

Poll: Pro-choicers oppose late-term abortion (Michael Foust, 8/10/11, BP)

[5]2 percent of pro-choicers and 90 percent of pro-lifers favor making abortion illegal in the second trimester. Eight states have passed laws in the past 18 months prohibiting abortion beginning at 20 weeks.

In addition, pro-choicers and pro-lifers favor laws:

-- requiring a 24-hour waiting period for women seeking an abortion (60 percent of pro-choicers and 79 percent of pro-lifers favor it).

-- requiring parental consent for minors (60 percent pro-choicers; 79 percent pro-lifers).

-- banning partial-birth abortions (63 percent pro-choicers, 68 percent pro-lifers).

-- making abortion illegal in the third trimester (79 percent pro-choicers, 94 percent pro-lifers).

-- requiring informed consent for abortion patients (86 percent pro-choicers, 87 percent pro-lifers).

Planned Parenthood, NARAL Pro-Choice America and all the major abortion groups oppose each of those restrictions.

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