July 27, 2011


Why every Indian must fly the tricolour: It is every Indian's fundamental right to fly the tricolour with dignity and honour. If the national flag is flown by a larger number of Indians, it will revolutionise, significantly, the way we think and feel about India, making us a happier and prouder nation, while enhancing our sense of patriotism (Naveen Jindal, July 26, 2011, rediff)

I am glad that from January 26, 2002, after 55 years of Independence, Indian citizens were permitted to fly their national flag throughout the year. This was the result of a long and protracted legal battle. And on January 23, 2004 in a historic judgment, the honourable Supreme Court held that the right to fly the national flag freely, with respect and dignity, was a fundamental right.

The tricolour has always been a great source of inspiration for me since my childhood. When we display the national flag, we rise above our religion, political affiliation and the region we belong to. In doing so, we don't merely show our love for our country -- we concomitantly partake in our collective and individual pride in being Indian. The flag also reminds us of our duties towards our country.

When a company flies the national flag at its office or factory premises, it is indubitably a source of genuine inspiration for the workers and the staff, who feel that they are working not just for the company, but for the country as well. It is a symbolic way of placing national interest ahead of everything.

I feel strongly that since all of us now have the right to fly the tricolour, we must display the national flag every day. The joy and happiness that it will bring to us is difficult to articulate, but it certainly will generate a powerful felt experience. The tricolour across the Indian skies will, of needs, inculcate a deep feeling of patriotism and serve as a motivator for everyone, inspiring us to attain greater heights.

A liberal display of the national flag promotes patriotism. The tricolour played a pivotal role in uniting people during India's freedom struggle. Holding the flag , flying it high above their heads, Indians all over the country braved the batons of the British, and when one flag bearer succumbed to the atrocities of the British, the flag was passed on to the other. The flag gave them the inner strength to fight the British.

The tricolour, as a symbol of free India, reminds us that we are all equal, irrespective of our religion, caste, and creed.

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