July 17, 2011


Lynch tells agencies to ready layoff plans: State negotiating with unions to cut $50m in costs (Norma Love, 7/16/11, Associated Press)

Governor John Lynch directed state agency heads yesterday to develop contingency plans to lay off potentially hundreds of state workers if negotiations with their union fail to produce $50 million in savings.

Lynch’s budget director John Beardmore requested responses by Aug. 8. He said implementation potentially would be Sept. 8. The layoffs would be in addition to an as yet unknown number of layoffs from budget cuts

Union Yields on Benefits in Deal With Cuomo (THOMAS KAPLAN, 7/16/11, NY Times)
New York State’s second-largest union of public workers, facing hundreds of layoffs that had been scheduled to take effect within days, agreed on Saturday to significant wage and benefit concessions in order to save the jobs of its members.

The five-year agreement between Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo and the Public Employees Federation largely mirrors the deal struck last month with the state’s largest public employee union, the Civil Service Employees Association, which also agreed to big concessions in exchange for giving its members immunity from most layoffs.

The federation, which represents about 55,000 state workers, agreed to forgo across-the-board raises for three years, accept furlough days for the first time and increase the amount members contribute toward their health insurance coverage.

The concessions in the deal, which must be ratified by the union’s membership, would save the state $75 million this fiscal year and nearly $400 million over the course of the contract, the governor’s office said.

Which is why parties should only nominate governors for the presidency.

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