May 18, 2011


IMF chief's arrest stirs up anti-Americanism in France (Kim Willsher, 5/18/11, Los Angeles Times)

And so the country launched itself into one of its predictable, periodic spasms of anti-Americanism.

How outrageous that New York police led Strauss-Kahn out of a Police Department facility in handcuffs, resulting in "grotesque" photographs, which nevertheless were widely published in France. What about the presumption of innocence? France wailed about headlines in U.S. tabloids, many of which were reproduced for French readers.

How could a judge throw Strauss-Kahn, DSK no less, into Rikers Island prison, which, readers of Le Figaro newspaper were informed, was noisy, overcrowded, dangerous and filled with prisoners carrying contagious diseases?

"There are numerous very heavy barred doors that make a noise each time they are opened or closed," French lawyer Gerald Lefcourt told the paper. Worse still, he said, "The food is terrible."

...that an elite serial rapist gets away with it until he visits the Puritan Nation?

Code of silence protected IMF chief (Emma-Kate Symons, 5/18/11, The Australian)

WHEN it comes to sex, lies and politics, the French and we so-called "Anglo-Saxons" may as well come from different planets.

The gaping cultural divide between France's Latin tolerance towards the "dalliances" of powerful male politicians and the rush to moral judgments over philandering public figures chiefly among Americans, but also Australians and British, with our more transparent adversarial political and legal systems, has never been so powerfully displayed.

On the one hand the French media at first avoided the word rape or sex in front-page headlines about the International Monetary Fund's managing director Dominique Strauss-Kahn's legal woes. [...]

Amid the maelstrom that to French supporters of Strauss-Kahn seems a "surreal" nightmare of a Philip Roth novel cum reality cable TV show involving charges of attempted rape, a brilliant, sexually voracious Jewish French intellectual and a poor black African immigrant maid, there are now serious claims of a widespread and long-term Paris press cover-up of a serial sexual predator.

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