June 6, 2010


Table soccer aims to be taken seriously as a sport: Table football or 'kicker' as it's often known as in Germany, is not just a pub game, but a serious sport. So competitive, that one professor has even made a robot that can challenge the best players. (Deutsche-Welle, 6/06/10)

Making the transition from pub player to professional player is something that 25 year old Thomas Hettich hopes to do. He started off playing for fun eight years ago, but is now president of the local table football club in Aidlingen, just outside Stuttgart.

"The basic moves you can learn in a few hours," Hettich told Deutsche Welle. "But to progress from a pub player to a professional, the concentration is higher, the control of the ball is higher, it's faster… To be perfect you need weeks, months, years."

TFC. Aidlingen play in the Baden-Wuerttemberg league, which is one of several regional leagues in Germany. The best teams in these leagues are promoted to the national league (or bundesliga). Unlike soccer, there is not the money in table soccer to have weekly matches, so these leagues are often decided at big tournaments during the year.

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