July 7, 2009


Honduras' ousted president fails to get the message (Philip Sherwell, 7/07/09, Daily Telegraph)

As the executive jet carrying Manuel Zelaya swooped low over Honduras's main airport, the deposed president turned to the television crew he had invited along for the ride, who were broadcasting his observations to the cheering supporters a few hundred feet below. "If I had a parachute, I would immediately jump out of this plane," he declared.

It was a typically vainglorious gesture from a man who, earlier in the flight from Washington, had already compared himself to Jesus. "The blood of Christ is coursing through my veins," proclaimed the mass-going Roman Catholic. "Soon I will be with you all to raise the crucifix." [...]

Mr Zelaya had initially persuaded many Hondurans, even members of the business community, that he was merely signing up for the economic aid and subsidised fuel that Mr Chavez lavishes on friendly states. But over the past two years it became increasingly clear that Mr Zelaya had bought into the political package, too. Earlier this year, during a pilgrimage to Havana, he was pictured listening reverentially to Fidel Castro. It was an image that sent shivers down the spine of many Hondurans.

Posted by Orrin Judd at July 7, 2009 4:09 PM
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