April 22, 2009


Watch PBS online? You can if you visit its new video portal: In allowing viewers to stream an array of its best-known shows, PBS is joining on-demand video sites like Hulu.com and YouTube -- places for younger consumers who aren't wedded to watching TV on a TV. (David Sarno, April 22, 2009, LA Times)

The Public Broadcasting Service turns 40 this year, and on Tuesday it gave itself a gift that just might make it feel young again.

PBS' new video portal allows online viewers to stream an array of its best-known shows over the Web. The new site gathers more than 130 episodes of nearly 20 programs, including marquee fare such as "Frontline," "Nova" and "Masterpiece Theater." PBS says thousands of hours of programming should be available to users by the summer. [...]

PBS' initial selection of about 20 programs is small compared with the pulpy catalogs maintained by the other sites, but full-length episodes of nearly every show in PBS' prime-time lineup have been put online.

In addition to acting as a clearinghouse for PBS content, the portal will function as the hub of a nationwide network of online affiliates, all of which can share programming through a single Web infrastructure, whose cost PBS would specify only as "in the seven figures."

Give us the old Mystery! episodes, old operas, and old Masterpiece Theatre and we'll be happy.

Posted by Orrin Judd at April 22, 2009 8:32 AM
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