April 20, 2009


-New music Canada: The Perms, Winnipeg, MB (CBC Radio 3)

The Perms are a Winnipeg-based alternative rock group. Their combination of well-crafted, melody driven songs and upbeat, energetic live shows have become a staple of the band's repertoire. [...]

"The Perms are a timeless pop band, employing catchy melodies and tight songwriting above all else, and it's something proven by the classic pop sounds of "Better Days" - an upbeat and joyful treat for the senses." - UK Music Search

-INTERVIEW: The Perms: Without their instruments, they would be singing karaoke (DARRYL STERDAN, 2nd April 2009, Winnipeg Sun)
- Who's in the band and what do they play?

Shane Smith is on bass & vocals, Chad Smith is on guitar & vocals, and Jaime Carrasco is on the drums.

- Give us the history of the band in 20 words or less.

The Perms started in 1998. They've recorded four albums, completed 10 cross-Canada tours and a few U.S. dates. The Perms have showcased at CMW, NXNE, Western Canadian Music Awards, etc.

- Describe your music and/or sound in 20 words or less.

Guitar, bass, drums. Place in giant blender and shake well. Serve awesome.

- Describe your look and/or image in 20 words or less.

Oddly enough, we're all skinny, have facial stubble, and wear glasses. Coincidence, we swear.

- Tell us about your latest CD.

Our fourth CD, Keeps You Up When You're Down, was released at the end of January. The first single is called Give Me All Your Lovin' and it's currently getting radio play. [...]

- Now, name your favourite musical acts of all time.

Weezer, Phantom Planet, The Pink Spiders, Inoke Errati.

- Tell us about your best gig to date.

We played X-Fest 2 in Brandon over the summer. It's nice to have a backstage area with all-you-can-drink beer and food. Oh, and the gig was awesome, too.

- Now tell us about your worst gig.

Played the Brickyard in Vancouver for the bartender and one drunk lady. Still had fun though.

- OK, now describe your ultimate fantasy gig. Don't hold anything back.

Playing in the middle of a laser-tag arena, while everybody runs around zapping each other and falling into ball pits. [...]

- What are your pre-show rituals, superstitions and good luck charms?

Tim Hortons.

-PROFILE: Poppy Perms prepared to make waves with new album (Melissa Martin, 2/04/2009, Winnipeg Free Press)
"It's way too long between records, I think," says Perms bassist Shane Smith. "If it was up to us and we had enough money, I'd want to release something every year."

Self-pressure, much? After all, the band's got other things going on. After unleashing Better Days in 2005, a busy tour schedule slowed the Perms' normally prolific writing pace. And then more mundane hang-ups got in the way -- jobs, family, bills.

As a result, for Keeps You Up, "we had to book time off work to write, which we've never done before," Smith says of the process, which included some input from producer Phil Deschambault, who recently signed a songwriting deal with EMI.

"We wanted to write the 12 best songs we've ever done. When we recorded our first album, it was like, 'We have 10 songs! Let's release them.' Back then we were 19; we weren't really thinking.

"This time we actually cut a few tracks that we didn't feel fit the album. We've never done that before, either."

Hey, it's a fresh experience all around. For the new record, the Perms let their two-man horn section go, which pared their lineup from five to three and brought the band back to its trio roots.

They aren't actually alternative, more straight-ahead hooky power-pop, but they must be doing something right because their latest is sold out at Amazon.

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