February 10, 2009


Who's Afraid of Jake Tapper?: ABC’s tenacious White House reporter is already proving to be this administration’s David Gregory. And that’s no accident. (Rachel Sklar, 2/10/09, Daily Beast)

The 39-year-old Tapper, who first gained renown as a Salon columnist (and Monica Lewinsky dinner date), is known for having ambition impressive even by Washington standards. At President Bush’s final press conference, Bush called on Tapper and asked him jokingly what he’d been doing since 2000. Tapper’s reply, from his new spot in the front row of the briefing room: “Working my way to this chair.”

There’s another chair that Tapper may be trying to fill: David Gregory’s. No less than three separate Washington political reporters spontaneously compared him to Gregory, who made his name being a thorn in the side of various White House Press Secretaries. “I think it’s safe to say that he's calculated, meaning that if he's being tough, it's likely because he sat down one day to say, ‘I want to be this administration's David Gregory,’" said one colleague on the D.C. political circuit. (Note where Gregory ended up.) Others have also compared him to Sam Donaldson, whose scrappy briefing room questioning is still legendary. “[Tapper] works really hard, he's really smart, and he does have good questions that you just can't dismiss as showboating,” said another D.C.-based political reporter who has known Tapper for years.

...he's been fortunate enough to find a nail rich environment.

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Posted by Orrin Judd at February 10, 2009 8:11 AM
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