November 25, 2008


This spread is delicious: Cassel, Patriots feast on offense (Christopher L. Gasper, November 25, 2008, Boston Globe)

Start spreading the news: The Patriots offense is not limited in any way from a game planning standpoint by having Matt Cassel at quarterback instead of Tom Brady.

That point has been made over the last two weeks, as the Patriots increasingly have turned to the spread set, putting Cassel in the shotgun and either emptying the backfield to go with five players lined up as wide receivers or leaving just one alongside him in the backfield while having four receivers.

The result has been back-to-the-future football for the Patriots, who have put together two straight games with more than 500 yards of offense and gotten back-to-back 400-yard passing performances by Cassel.

It looked as if offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels dusted off the Patriots' 2007 game plan for Sunday's 48-28 victory over the Miami Dolphins. Cassel cut up the Dolphins defense while operating primarily out of the spread, completing 30 of 43 passes for a career-high 415 yards and three touchdowns (with one interception) and ran for another score out of the shotgun.

....why not use Randy Moss as a defensive back? Their defense has been an obvious achilles since it cost them a Super Bowl in that disgraceful loss to the Colts two years ago.

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Posted by Orrin Judd at November 25, 2008 9:47 AM
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