March 14, 2008


Bonfire of the Democrats (Rich Lowry, 3/14/08, Real Clear Politics)

The Democrats are famous for forming circular firing squads. But apparently the real gunplay doesn’t begin until every member of the firing squad thinks he or she has been the victim of racism or sexism. Then, the smell of gun smoke is mingled with self-pitying and overwrought accusations of race or gender bias.

Ferraro had to quit her role on the finance committee in the Clinton campaign for stating the obvious, that Barack Obama wouldn’t be in a leading position in the race if he “were a white man.” Clearly, his campaign is “making history” because he’s an African-American. White senators have run for, and even won, the presidency before. Indeed, a bevy of them briefly challenged Obama in this campaign, before dropping away under the weight of their own un-historic dullness.

The unhinged trajectory of the Democratic race became clear when Bill Clinton got himself accused of racism well before he did any verifiable race-baiting. In New Hampshire, he called the notion that Obama had consistently opposed the Iraq war “a fairy tale,” a race-neutral charge that black Democrats nonetheless declared offensive.

You mean he wasn't gay-bashing?

Posted by Orrin Judd at March 14, 2008 8:08 AM
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