December 26, 2007


Same Party, Different Style: Romney, Huckabee Present a Stark Choice For Iowa Republicans (LAURA MECKLER and ELIZABETH HOLMES, December 26, 2007, Wall Street Journal)

In Iowa, the Republican presidential race has come down to two former governors who offer caucus goers a stark choice. It's the pulpit vs. the boardroom, poverty vs. privilege, passion vs. preparedness.

Mike Huckabee loves homespun tales and self-deprecating jokes. Mitt Romney basks in PowerPoint slides and statistics. Mr. Huckabee, a firefighter's son, is a Southerner born and bred. Mr. Romney, son of a CEO-turned-governor, roamed from Michigan to Massachusetts to Utah.

They embody two wings of the Republican Party -- social conservatives and economic conservatives -- that sometimes sit uneasily.

Social conservatives have dominated the nomination process since it was made more democratic in the 60s, after decades of the Eastern establishment picking stiffs like Dewey. The only two exception were Ford in '76 and George H. W. Bush in '92, neither of which worked out very well.

Posted by Orrin Judd at December 26, 2007 6:04 AM
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