November 17, 2007


A Tex-Mex Thanksgiving tweak (KIM PIERCE, October 11, 2007, The Dallas Morning News)

Worlds collide when two longstanding culinary forces come together for a Tex-Mex Thanksgiving. This menu has all the requisite holiday components - dressing, relish, turkey, gravy - but they've been revved up with a regional twist.

Instead of mashed potatoes, we've introduced Matt Martinez's Smoked Baked Potatoes With Chile con Queso.

Tired of marshmallow-topped sweet potatoes? Try Robb Walsh's Ancho Chiles Stuffed With Sweet Potato. Instead of pan gravy, imagine Chili Gravy over sliced turkey and Mexican Corn Stuffing Casserole.

"Tex-Mex is so popular," says Mr. Martinez, owner of Matt's Rancho Martinez and heir to one of the state's great Tex-Mex legacies. "And that enchilada sauce works great on turkey."

"What a perfect idea to put chile con queso on a smoked baked potato," says Mr. Walsh, author of The Tex-Mex Cookbook and co-author of Nuevo Tex-Mex with David Garrido, chef at Jeffrey's in Austin.

Mr. Walsh allows as how he came up with the recipe for sweet-potato-stuffed anchos in the Garrido book.

"And even if people don't eat the ancho chile, it's an incredible presentation," he says.

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