November 7, 2007


Sarkozy throws open his arms to Bush, and the U.S. (Elaine Sciolino, November 7, 2007, NY Times)

"I come to Washington to bear a very simple message, a message that I bear on behalf of all Frenchmen," he said in a toast at a formal White House dinner in his honor. "I want to reconquer the heart of America."

In his toast, Bush welcomed his guest with the words "Bienvenue à la Maison-Blanche."

Earlier in the day Sarkozy, calling France's opposition to the American-led war in Iraq "a disagreement," told the French American Business Council: "I never quite understood why we had to fight with the United States. I never quite got it."

It was just a function of French nationalism, bit America isn't nationalist and Mr. Sarkozy isn't French.

Posted by Orrin Judd at November 7, 2007 6:50 AM
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