November 19, 2007


Emanuel Tires of Budget-Battle Comparisons (Peter Baker, November 19, 2007, Washington Post)

But Emanuel, then a Clinton aide and now head of the House Democratic Caucus, has grown so exercised by the comparisons that he ordered his staff to work up a one-page chart, complete with color pictures, to show why the two battles are different. Clinton was more popular than Bush is now, the chart notes; he invited Republicans to meet at the White House and defended Medicare. Bush, the chart says, refuses to negotiate, undercuts health care and does not have public trust.

"I've been there," Emanuel told us. "It's not even close to '95."

Dick Armey was there too, of course. He was House majority leader on the other side of the fight. And he agrees -- it's not the same as '95. "For one thing, in 1995, we got our appropriations bills to the White House," he told us. "At least we were competent enough to get something on the table over which we could have a fight."

In lieu of American flags, Democrats these days are wearing "Kick Me" pins.

Posted by Orrin Judd at November 19, 2007 1:23 PM
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