August 30, 2007


Anne-Sophie Mutter's Journey to Mozart (Fred Child, American Public Media, July 19, 2007 ยท Classical Sessions)

There's nothing quite like seeing and hearing a masterful violinist and pianist engaged in musical conversation right in front of you in a studio. Add to that the opportunity to talk with them about the music and their careers, and you've got a radio host's dream come true.

That was the case when violinist Anne-Sophie Mutter and pianist Lambert Orkis came by our studios to play Mozart. The two have been making music together for nearly 20 years and their long-standing musical relationship shows. [...]

Lately, Mutter has returned to Mozart. She's been rediscovering all of the composer's major works for the violin. With Lambert Orkis, Mutter has been on tour playing Mozart's Violin Sonatas. The two stopped by the Performance Today studio to play selections from some of their favorite sonatas.

-Anne-Sophie Mutter (St. Paul Sunday)
-PLAYING BEETHOVEN (The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer Transcript, April 28, 1998)

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