July 6, 2007


Cute, boppy, and fun: With energetic dancing and airy songs, 'High School Musical' pulls in kids (Louise Kennedy, July 6, 2007, Boston Globe)

"High School Musical" is to the theater what Harry Potter is to literature. Whatever adults may think of its artistic merits, they can't help rejoicing at its power to pull in new devotees to the art form they love. And, whatever its artistic merits actually are, it's entertaining enough to let those same adults enjoy it along with their kids.

So it's small wonder that North Shore Music Theatre's production, the New England premiere of the Disney Channel movie's stage adaptation, has been selling like crazy. And, to judge from the enthusiastic young audience packing the house at last night's press opening, this show does what it's supposed to do: It gets kids hooked on live theater.

Devotees of the TV movie will note some changes for the stage, notably the addition of a narrator -- a guy who reads announcements, which neatly double as scene transitions, over the school's PA system. (In an oddly antique reference for this youth-oriented show, he calls himself "the Velvet Fog of East High School.") For the most part, though, the show remains pretty much what it was on the small screen: a poppy, boppy musical about high school kids putting on a musical.

Posted by Orrin Judd at July 6, 2007 9:31 AM
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