April 4, 2007


'Many killed' in Pakistan clash (BBC, 4/04/07)

At least 44 people have died in fierce fighting in Pakistan's tribal region of South Waziristan, officials say.

The fighting took place after heavily armed local tribesmen began to act on a tribal council edict to drive out foreign militants linked to al-Qaeda.

Reports says Pakistan's army is also involved, and that three soldiers have been killed.

Officials say more than 200 people have died in more than two weeks of battles between tribesmen and Uzbek militants.

Pakistani Tribesmen Declare Jihad Against Militants Linked to al-Qaida: Tribal forces in Pakistan's remote border area with Afghanistan have killed more than 40 foreign extremists linked with al-Qaida in some of the worst fighting yet in the region. From Islamabad, VOA Correspondent Benjamin Sand reports the clashes occurred a day after tribal elders declared war on the mostly Uzbek militants. (Benjamin Sand, 04 April 2007, VOA News)
Pakistani officials say hundreds of tribesmen in South Waziristan led an offensive against the foreign militants.

Local residents say the tribal force killed or captured scores of mostly Uzbek fighters outside the area's main town, Wana.

Pakistan Interior Minister Aftab Sherpao described the violence as a positive development in the fight against regional extremists.

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