March 26, 2007


Europe's 50th Anniversary Clown Show: The European Union's absurd birthday bash says more about the EU at 50 than 1,000 bland pronouncements from the bureaucrats and politicians who wish to rule Europe ever could. (Alan Sked, March 2007, Foreign Policy)

Today's EU resembles a sort of undemocratic Habsburg Empire. Its legislation is proposed by a Commission of unelected bureaucrats who have now apparently lost control of their own staffs and who themselves are usually political outcasts from their national political systems. Decisions on whether to adopt their often bizarre initiatives are then taken in total secrecy by the Council of Ministers or the European Council, before being rubber-stamped by the federalist parliament and imposed on the citizens of member states, whose national legislatures can do absolutely nothing to alter their directives or regulations. Indeed, 84 percent of all legislation before national parliaments, according to the German Ministry of Justice, now simply involves implementing Brussels diktats. All this makes European politics undemocratic at all levels, and opinion polls reflect the public's growing disillusionment. So, given the present lack of democracy, together with corruption scandals and splits over foreign policy--not to mention the prospect of having a constitution rammed down the throats of voters who originally rejected it or never had the chance to vote on the matter in the first place--it can be no surprise that ordinary Europeans see the celebrations as a sick joke. not trash the place too much before the next tenants move in.

Posted by Orrin Judd at March 26, 2007 8:14 AM

Replace EU with US and unelected with incumbent and you've got the same story about the US' three branches of government, with their miriad of agencies & departments, legislating from above.

Posted by: KRS at March 26, 2007 6:51 PM