March 11, 2007


VIVA BUSH (RALPH PETERS, March 11, 2007, NY Post)

Our future lies to the south - whether we like it or not. As for myself, I like it.

So do most of our Latin American neighbors. One of the many destructive consequences of removing history requirements from K-thru-12 and our universities has been historical amnesia. Upset about 6,000 kids out for a protest party in Brazil? Check out the demonstrations going back to the 1950s - and don't skip the Clinton era.

As for Chavez, yeah, he's a menace. But I promise you, he'll prove to be a minor one in the end. He's splashing cash like a junkie who won the lottery and, while money may buy you access and paid crowds to cheer along, it really doesn't buy love.

Polls show that South Americans have a lower opinion of Chavez, whom they distrust, than of Bush. They've been there, done that. The last thing they want is more conflict.

OUR Chavez-is-bigger-than- Streisand media simply isn't telling you the truth. The really big story in Latin America isn't resurgent socialism (recent elections returned more moderates and conservatives than Chavistas), but the wildfire spread of Pentecostal Protestantism, with its self-reliant philosophy of hard work and moral behavior - and an innate affinity with the American way.

When the U.S. media isn't ignoring Latin America, it's feeding us leftist lies that play into the hands of bigots on both sides of the political aisle.

Bush is doing the right thing, and he's going to the right places.

Just stitch places like Colombia, Brazil, and Chile into the Axis of Good and the rest have no choice but to follow.

Posted by Orrin Judd at March 11, 2007 3:57 PM
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