January 23, 2007


Lebanon's political crisis deepens: Violence at sectarian flash points during a Hizbullah-backed opposition strike prompts fears of renewed civil war (Scott Peterson, 1/24/07, The Christian Science Monitor)

Tuesday marked a violent turn in the opposition's campaign for new parliamentary elections and a national unity government in which Hizbullah and its allies - including a Christian faction led by Michel Aoun - would have veto power in the cabinet. After months of fruitless negotiations, the opposition began camping out in front of key government buildings on Dec. 1. [...]

It was unclear if either the government or the opposition were gaining the upper hand in the standoff. But the way that the clashes erupted at sectarian flash points is prompting fears here of renewed civil war - with sparks flying between those loyal to the Shiite party of Hizbullah and its allies, and Sunnis supporting the government, as well as among divided Christians.

Since neither will be governed by the other, they'll divide into separate nations.

Posted by Orrin Judd at January 23, 2007 8:33 PM
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