November 23, 2006


We'd like to take a moment to thank everyone who helps make Brothers Judd so much fun for us, and hopefully for you. First, to the Brothers From Other Mothers, who do such yeoman's work. Second, to our very understanding families who tolerate our blogging. Third, to the many folks who send us stories of interest and make invaluable suggestions. Finally, to everyone who reads and comments, even, or especially, the lunatic Darwinists, soccer fans, and folks who believe that Eric and Julia Roberts are two different people. We are thankful for all of you.

God Bless you all.

(originally posted: November 25, 2004)

Posted by Orrin Judd at November 23, 2006 7:21 AM

You're a daily blessing. Thank you. May you and your commenters have a wonderful day.

Posted by: AllenS at November 25, 2004 9:34 AM

What Allen said. Thanks for enriching my life, OJ, the Brothers, and the thoughtful & insightful commenters here.

Posted by: Bruce Cleaver at November 25, 2004 11:00 AM

To the Judds,

Thanks for all you guys do. The most stimulating site on the net. I don't know how you find the time. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Posted by: Tom C., Stamford,Ct. at November 25, 2004 11:03 AM

THanks for letting us all come and play with your bandwidth and server space.

Posted by: Mike Morley at November 25, 2004 11:15 AM

What the others said. Thank you to BrothersJudd for the posts, witty comments, and thoughtful analysis. Definitely a blog to check daily.

Happy Thanksgiving to all. Travel safely.

Posted by: AWW at November 25, 2004 12:13 PM

Rats, preempted again.

What OJ said.

And, of course, thanks to OJ and Stephen, who make it all possible.

Finally, thanks to our military and their families, who do the hard work and make the real sacrifices for the freedoms we enjoy.

Posted by: David Cohen at November 25, 2004 12:14 PM

I enjoy your blog more than any other on the web and I heartily recommend it.

Thanks for all your work,


Posted by: Brian at November 25, 2004 12:28 PM

This is the first place I go to relax when I'm on line. It has the best mix of links I've found. Thanks so much for your work.

Posted by: TRW. Dallas TX at November 25, 2004 12:28 PM

To Judds,

Thanks for this veritable treasure of conservative analysis and discussion. As your home state flirts with the Dark (or shall I say, Blue) Side, our hopes and prayers have to be with all of you in the Granite State. May the local electorate's foray with liberalism prove as temporary as the Red Sox' with championships long-lasting.


Posted by: Moe from NC at November 25, 2004 12:37 PM

To the Judd Clan,

Thank you for providing this wonderful forum for cranks and crackpots of every stripe to debate, learn, and generally have a good time. Your graciousness and good humor are unmatched in the blogosphere.

Blessings to all the posters, contributors and readers of BrothersJudd Blog on this Thanksgiving Day!

Posted by: Robert Duquette at November 25, 2004 12:56 PM

This is by far the interesting, well mannered, and intellectually demanding site I have yet found.

While the viewpoint is conservative, the breadth of sources is truly amazing. And the lucidity of the comments is second to none.

All in all, a terrific, and unique, combination.


Posted by: Jeff Guinn at November 25, 2004 1:26 PM

I would just like to add my thanks to the Brothers Judd et al not only for their variety of postings, but for the regularity of their updates, even through weekend periods where many other blogs slack off.

Enjoy the holiday. Watch out for the shopping hordes on Friday.

Posted by: John at November 25, 2004 1:43 PM

I'm very thankful for this site. The breadth of topics it covers and the context it puts them in is very impressive.

I'm also thankful for Mrs. Judd.

Posted by: Richard at November 25, 2004 2:22 PM

Happy Thanksgiving to the Judds and all commenters.

Posted by: PapayaSF at November 25, 2004 3:00 PM

may next year may be the year you guys break out and hit the radio and airwaves. thanks guys for this wonderful resource.

Posted by: neil at November 25, 2004 4:22 PM

Best site on the web. Thank you so much, Orrin and company, for such a wonderful and amazing collection of thought-provoking and enriching content and commentary.

Posted by: Jorge Curioso at November 25, 2004 5:14 PM

Ditto's from me.

Posted by: h-man at November 25, 2004 6:17 PM

Orrin, all the Judd family, all the contributors and commentators,

Thank you for taking the time. I think yours is my favourite blog, even though you infuriate me sometimes. Heaven forbid I would call your blog "intellectual", but you raise the tone and have broadened my horizons.

Have a great holiday and long may you continue!

Best Wishes,

Living in Clapham, London
Great Britain

Posted by: Alastair at November 25, 2004 6:32 PM

A very Happy Thanksgiving to everyone associated with this site!

Posted by: brian at November 25, 2004 6:36 PM

Thanks Brothers! While you are digesting the turkey feast I'm having Friday morning coffee on the other side of the World. I'm sitting here thankful you guys have this site I can visit daily. Tom Wall

Posted by: Tom Wall at November 25, 2004 7:32 PM

I enjoy the site immensely. A belated Happy Thanksgiving to you!

Posted by: Guy T. at November 25, 2004 9:57 PM

Yours is truly the only blog I MUST check whenever possible -- truly indispensable. The pithy commentary alone makes this site superb, never mind the remarkable links and stories you come up with.

God bless.

Posted by: Matt Murphy at November 26, 2004 2:02 AM

I have described this site to others as the universal epicenter for radical conservatism. I don't always agree, or even understand, but I always reflect heartily upon visiting, which is mostly daily. I really appreciate and am thankful for your work.

Thank you.

Seven Machos

Posted by: Seven Machos at November 26, 2004 3:28 AM

Though I've only begun commenting recently, I have found joy and fascination here since I began reading blogs after 9/11.

I cannot express how wonderful it is to be able to read about and discuss things that I don't dare mention around the Thanksgiving table with friends and family.

And, for the dependable positivity you provided during the dark times of the forgone election, you deserve a very special place in all of our hearts.

God bless you all, and your families.

Posted by: Randall Voth at November 26, 2004 8:05 AM

I concur, of course, with all the warm comments above.

And this is indeed the single most indispensable blog/site on the internet. I learn from it almost daily, and I am constantly humbled by the amazing breadth of knowledge displayed not just by OJ, but by all of his Other Brothers, and by nearly all of the commenters.

Some things are bigger than politics; rational discussion of tough topics is one of them. Sadly, it's very rare, not just in the blogosphere, but in real life, as well.

Thank you to all, again, and may God Bless Us Everyone.

Posted by: Jeff Brokaw at November 26, 2004 11:41 AM


Posted by: oj at November 24, 2005 9:34 AM

Happy Thanksgiving, all!

(Though, were I a turkey....)

Posted by: Barry Meislin at November 24, 2005 9:38 AM

Bless you all, and thanks to the Judds and all who comment here. Love this site.

Happy Thanksgiving,


Posted by: jdkelly at November 24, 2005 10:21 AM

Happy Thanksgiving

Posted by: Brandon at November 24, 2005 10:30 AM

Ephesians 1:16--"I do not cease giving thanks for you, mentioning you often in my prayers."

Posted by: Lou Gots at November 24, 2005 10:42 AM

Happy thanksgiving from our family to yours.

Posted by: Robert Schwartz at November 24, 2005 10:43 AM

Happy Thanksgiving, guys. We've named our frying turkey "Eric" and the roaster "Julia" in your honor.

Posted by: joe shropshire at November 24, 2005 10:50 AM

Happy Thanksgiving brothers Judd and other brothers. I can't add anything to what others have already written. There is nothing else on the web that gives us what this sight does. Thank you, and God bless.

Posted by: Patrick H at November 24, 2005 10:55 AM

And to you all.

Posted by: erp at November 24, 2005 11:02 AM

Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted by: carl at November 24, 2005 11:04 AM

Happy Thanksgiving all. We truly have so much for which to be thankful. Special thanks to the brothers and to each of you who make challenging yet respectful discourse a daily read here. Be well.

"....that we may then all unite in rendering unto Him our sincere and humble thanks for His kind care and protection of the people of this country....and, in general, for all the great and various favors which He has been pleased to confer upon us."

Posted by: John Resnick at November 24, 2005 11:25 AM

Yes, *thanks* to OJ and the rest of the commenters here, from whom I have learned so much. Enjoy today!

Posted by: Bruce Cleaver at November 24, 2005 11:37 AM

Thanks, brothers, and a happy Thanksgiving to all.

Posted by: ted welter at November 24, 2005 11:57 AM

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.

Posted by: steve at November 24, 2005 12:40 PM

Happy Thanksgiving to all, and best wishes for the holiday season.

Posted by: John at November 24, 2005 1:23 PM

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Maybe one day I'll figure out what is actually going on around here!

Posted by: Pepys at November 24, 2005 2:04 PM

A very happy Thanksgiving to all Judds and Judd-ites! A special thanks to Orrin and the Brothers for being the founders of the daily feast of intellectual delights that is the BrothersJudd Blog!

Posted by: Robert Duquette at November 24, 2005 2:22 PM

Thank you for your prolific posting which can only be the product of obsession bordering on mental illness (which my checking in here on Thanksgiving suggests I might also share), and God bless you, from a lunatic Darwinist, secular rationalist heathen.

Posted by: Dennis at November 24, 2005 2:41 PM

A Happy Thanksgiving to all, from the proprietor(s) to the visitors. Thanks for letting us join in.

A wonderful day it is, 60+ here in NC, without a cloud in the sky. Lots of planes flying over this afternoon. Perhaps one of the contrails above is Jeff.

Posted by: jim hamlen at November 24, 2005 5:46 PM

And, post food coma, a Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

Posted by: Perry at November 24, 2005 10:00 PM

Belated Thanksgiving wishes to all the Juddites.

Posted by: ghostcat at November 24, 2005 11:43 PM

A late Happy Thanksgiving to all contributors and commentators - and most of all to the long-suffering Judd family.

Posted by: Jason Johnson at November 25, 2005 12:02 AM

A very late (but very warm) thanksgiving from New Zealand to the indefatigable Bros - your blog is a treat, always a pleasure and much appreciated.

Posted by: Louis Pierard at November 25, 2005 12:58 AM

Still the best site on the Internet, and a true daily blessing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Orrin, and the rest of the gang behind this wonderful effort.

Posted by: Jorge Curioso at November 25, 2005 1:45 AM

A (somewhat belated) happy Thanksgiving to all.

Posted by: Daran at November 25, 2005 3:33 AM

> even, or especially, the lunatic Darwinists, soccer fans, and folks who believe that Eric and Julia Roberts are two different people.

I hope that includes those who have wine at Thanksgiving dinner (it was Ohio wine, if that mitigates the situation at all). Thanks for the great website.

Posted by: Guy T. at November 25, 2005 9:54 AM

Happy Thanksgiving.

Thanks for producing this great blog!

Posted by: Bret at November 25, 2005 1:52 PM

Thanks, bros., and Happy Thanksgiving to us all!

Posted by: jgm at November 26, 2005 1:59 AM

It's terribly late (away from the web since Wed.) but a profound thank you to OJ for your thoughtfulness and generosity as our host, and to all the correspondents who make this site so compelling. God bless you all and those you love.

Posted by: Luciferous at November 28, 2005 10:49 AM

As long as we're adding late comments, I'll echo Luciferous. Thanks.

Posted by: Timothy at November 28, 2005 4:43 PM