October 30, 2006


Militants Blame U.S. for Pakistan Strike (PAUL GARWOOD, Oct 30, 2006, AP)

Pakistani helicopter gunships on Monday destroyed a religious school the military said was fronting as an al-Qaida training camp, killing 80 people in the country's deadliest military operation targeting suspected terrorists.

Islamic leaders and al-Qaida-linked militants blamed the United States for the airstrike and called for nationwide demonstrations to condemn the attack that flattened the school known as a madrassa and ripped apart those inside.

Pakistan Ties Site It Attacked to Militants (SALMAN MASOOD, 10/30/06, NY Times)
[The] madrassa, that was run by a local cleric, Maulvi Liaqut, according to military officials. Ground troops then stormed the compound.

Local news reports said Mr. Liaqut was killed in the attack.

He had once been a member of the defunct militant movement Tehreek Nifaz-e-Shariat Mohammadi, which sent thousands of tribal fighters into Afghanistan to support the Taliban before being banned in 2002 by President Gen. Pervez Musharraf. Mr. Liaqut was accused by the government of harboring local and foreign militants at the school.

“We received confirmed intelligence reports that 70 to 80 militants were hiding in a madrassa used as a terrorist-training facility, which was destroyed by an army strike, led by helicopters,” Maj. General Shaukat Sultan, a spokesman for the Pakistani military, told The Associated Press.

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